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It's a jungle out there...

Looking for something more short-term but with maximum impact?

You're busy, driven and determined. I got you!


Feel free to browse my alternative offerings; including one-time services, webinars, 

capsule coaching & discovery calls  available below.

Want an intimate 1:1 coaching experience with me?

Other offerings available 


For those looking to get to grips with the basics on how to brand themselves & how to utilise social media when it comes to establishing a personal presence and platform.


Your chosen social media channel will be reviewed, where I will give you feedback & offer guidance to ensure moving forward you are able to encourage maximum follower engagement & authentic content creation.

We will get clear on how to continually produce fresh, authentic content creation and how to create purposeful connections with your followers and audience. We will also establish your brand story and USP (unique selling point).


Online 6 week Group Coaching program, 1:1 with Olivia 

You're looking for a course that's going to deliver results quickly.​ ​

If you want to make some MAJOR improvements in your creative process, projects without the personal or financial commitment of 1:1 coaching longterm, then The Creative Alchemist coaching program is right for you!

The Creative Alchemist coaching program is a map of sorts.

Like all great journeys, a map is the most essential item to any explorer. Without this lifeline, we can get lost in the woods. 

That's why I created this course for you. 

In 6 jam-packed weeks, I know that I could give help you navigate these waters and windy roads right back to your internal creative compass. Find your mojo again!


Because the treasure you're looking for is there, buried deep within. And I'm going to help you realise you've got the tools to find it and bring your self-confidence, clarity and intention back to a place that serves you - NOT overwhelm you. 

You're going to discover something beautiful, that magical idea that you just know has the embers of something much brighter, ready to burst into flame at any moment.

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What we will cover in this program

  • Grounding ourselves, alignment & committing to our goals

  • Manifesting dreams into action

  • The power of affirmations and journaling 

  • Conscious content & discovering our authentic voice

  • Mindfulness as a creative

  • Creative Alchemy

  • Vision boards & committing to our goals

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6 week program


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The Creative Alchemist 

My Capsule Coaching Program

We will work well together if...

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You are passionate about your purpose, ready to do the juicy deep-dive exploration I ask of you. 

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You are committed to taking yourself and your dreams seriously. 

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You know you have what it takes to bring about major f*cking transformative change and are BURSTING to get started.

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You believe in business with heart, creating with purpose, and authentic connections.


Want to work with me?

Desert in Dark


Creative Blueprint Call

Feeling confused & overwhelmed about a project/business venture?

Having trouble getting your idea onto paper? Let's take a dive into your process and project together...

Creative Discovery Call


Got an idea that needs a little finesse and guidance? 

Let's get a plan in action for you moving forward!

Creative Mastermind Call

You know you've got a brilliant concept/business idea or launch... but how-to manifest it into reality is another matter...

Want some helpful insights into launching with intention, power and clarity?


Let's talk!

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Branding Bootcamp Webinar