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I'm blessed to know many wonderful creatives that will also inspire you should you feel called to browse their amazing resources and platforms. 


 Everyone I share on this page are people I know personally and love to work with.


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Filmmaking & Screenwriting Resources

Sandy Comstock - Discovering Story

For a deep dive exploration of your script, Sandy is a Screenwriting & Story Coach. 

Lucy V Hay - Bang2Write

Lucy  helps writers via her Bang2write consultancy, as well as her writing workshops and courses.

Phil Clarke - Script Consultant

Phil is a script consultant assisting both aspiring and established industry writers.

Roadmap Writers

Roadmap Writers is a screenwriting education and training platform for Career Writers looking for a guided path to success.

Shore Scripts

Shore Scripts is a writing & filmmaking platform setup to help emerging screenwriters break into the industry through educational resources and competitions.

The London Screenwriters Festival

The London Screenwriters’ Festival is an annual gathering of screenwriters. With over 1,000 attendees, 100 sessions, 150 industry expert speakers and the biggest names in film and TV (from both the UK and Hollywood), the LSF has become the premiere screenwriting event to attend.

Counselling & Coaching Services

Debbie Orfilia - Celestial Counselling

 Debbie is an incredible counsellor who will show you empathy and understanding, whatever it is you bring to her sessions. 

Justice Klein -Cacao & I

Beth Kelly - Breath of Life Healing Facilitator

Beth Kelly is a transformational, healing facilitator & tarot reader . You can connect with her at

Justice is a a trauma coach, digital nomad, traveling the world, sharing; yoga, meditation, spirituality, art, healing, dreams & Cacao!

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