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Script Naked Branding Bootcamp

An Online Webinar


Olivia's Script Naked Branding Bootcamp is the first step every creator needs to elevate them from being aspirational to professional.

Olivia's bootcamp provides authentic and ingenious ways of how to sell yourself as a creative in the industry using social media. 

The bootcamp goes through an excellent step-by-step process on how to nurture your business and creative ideas for a growing market, and I have Olivia to thank for growing my own platform. Through her bootcamp I have been given the confidence and skills to grown my platform in an effective way.

Olivia's wonderful resources helped to break down what I need to do to improve my engagement and increase my followers. 

Funbae Banks, Writer

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Script Naked Branding Bootcamp

1 hour webinar with Olivia Brennan



How to create a personal brand that serves you! No more trying to be like everybody else. It's YOU that we need more of!

How to get to grips with social media & establishing an online presence that your followers, clients and customers can connect with in an authentic and organic way. 

How to focus on your own lane and realise it's NOT about likes or how many followers you have - it's about ENGAGEMENT!

The secret behind marketing yourself with heart, how to get yourself noticed even with a small following and start establishing your digital dreams in a BIG way!

Friday, Jan 8th



Life Coach. Writer. Journal Therapist

Olivia Brennan


Olivia is a writer, producer, creative life coach, journal therapist and founder of Into The Script and Script Naked Coaching with a community of over 6.5K members.


She started the Into The Script blog in 2014, which has recently expanded into online events, personal coaching, workshops, webinars and a soon-to-be released podcast show.


Olivia has interviewed some of the most influential filmmakers and writers in the world who have worked on projects such as A Quiet Place, the Jurassic Park franchise, Star Wars and Harry Potter and with studios such as Universal, Netflix, Disney and Marvel.

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"Olivia kicks ass!I would recommend this bootcamp for any creative out there who needs a decent guide on branding; whether you're a beginner or someone who would like to make some changes on their online platforms."

I participated in the Script Naked Branding Bootcamp for BAME creatives run by Olivia. I had been struggling with branding and how to best use my social media platforms but with this bootcamp, I gained so much insight and left it feeling confident and better informed. 

I was able to discuss my concerns in a safe space with other creatives and ask plenty of questions. Olivia gave me ideas and a great booklet with information and challenges to help me with my branding.


Taranjit Mander, Writer

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The Branding Bootcamp is a low stakes way to figure out what the gaps in your branding game are from someone (Olivia) that has full understanding of your dynamic as a creative.

It's no secret we as filmmakers and artists need social media more than ever, having known the value of it during lockdown I came across Olivia's Branding Bootcamp via Instagram and a zoom meeting with a group of fellow artists and It was quickly obvious to me that talent/skill in the craft is not enough.


Olivia was able to pin point lots of gaps that we as creatives have difficulty wrapping our head around branding, and how it doesn't have to be a total transformation in the way we think!


Olivia's incredibly bright yet composed personality is probably the biggest bonus to the Branding Bootcamp itself. I felt welcomed and my suggestions were enthusiastically heard and navigated in the right direction.


Andrew Yanni, Filmmaker


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