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Welcome heart-centred creative, 

my name is Olivia...

I see you,

So let me welcome you firstly with heart-felt gratitude that you have found yourself here at Script Naked Coaching.

Whether you are a writer, filmmaker, coach or just browsing my services - I truly believe my offerings cater to everyone.

I am a passionate life-long learner and am constantly studying and looking to better my own skillset in order to serve my clients to my fullest potential. 

As a creative, spiritual & business life coach, journal therapist and social media & branding consultant, I believe I am able to support people with a unique blend of skills that not only enhance their individual wellbeing, but also give them an edge when it comes to establishing their own creative or digital dreams.


As your coach...

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You will be the soul-focus of our agreed coaching relationship. Embarking on a customised action-plan specifically tailored to support you as you finally learn to manifest your goals, dreams and plans into reality. 

Be IN-THE-KNOW when it comes to approaching these next steps of your journey, and how to apply this knowledge moving forward in a healthier and happier purpose.

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Daydreaming of a 

vibrant, successful & magical life?

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My genuine love...

Of being a life-learner, my understanding training, and skillset within the personal development, spiritual and wellness world is constantly evolving which means I am always searching for answers, and better ways to support YOU!

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If you're choosing to take

the creative coaching journey with me,

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Then as the founder of Screenwriting & Filmmaking blog Into The Script, I can share any personal insights and tips I have been privy to over the years from professionals within the Literary, Film & Television industry. 

Please note that during our coaching sessions I will be encouraging the discovery of your own path, and that any personal industry contacts of mine will not be shared.


However, I do have a ton of free interviews with industry professionals, how-to articles and craft tips - as well as FREE webinar events & live Q&A's  over on my InstagramFacebook Group and blog HERE!

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As your online coach, you can be based anywhere in the world to be able to work with me.

That's the beauty of being an online coach. 


I have clients in Brazil, Los Angeles, Germany, Switzerland and UK to name just a few. 


All you need is WIFI and I'm just a few clicks away. During your coaching experience I will be your CONSTANT CHEERLEADER & will be available to support you via online video calls, email and Voxer to ensure you are on track EVERY STEP of the way!

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