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It is time to

invest in yourself...

My clients are based worldwide, and as their digital coach I am there to support their needs ranging from creative, personal development, social media & branding to spiritual growth & much more.

Why Life Coaching?

You understand that you are capable of taking this first step and powerful decision in putting yourself at the top of that to-do list! 

This is an empowering shift you're making, and you should know that by committing to your health, dreams, goals and wellbeing is a decision you are making to begin manifesting the life you've always dreamt of.


Believe me, I know firsthand how overwhelming and desperate the wave of anxiety and depression can feel, but through those experiences I gained an invaluable set of skills and understanding to now support & guide others onto their own path of beautiful self-love and healing.

Browse my range of  1:1 coaching services below

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This is perfect if you're looking for support in achieving your goals, needing guidance to manage everyday stresses and Anxieties. If you are looking to restore your self-esteem and confidence.


We can eradicate your self-sabotaging cycle of negative thoughts and self-imposed limitations together. 


You have a business venture with heart and a powerful message, but need some clarity on how to put your goals into action!

Let's create a customised coaching plan that will serve your soul and your career. 


Whether you're a screenwriter, blogger, novelist or just starting out in the creative industry - my creative coaching program will allow me to be there for you every step of the way as your creative project unfolds. 

I'll be your accountability coach as well as creative life coach, ensuring you are able to feel fully prepared and inspired in your creative alchemy. 


During your 1:1 coaching experience, I will help you cultivate a powerful presence online and establish a personal brand that captures your best authentic digital self. 


We’ll work together from developing content to discover and clarify your professional goals, create a heart-centred digital platform and approach, and create a content schedule that not only works for you, but inspires and empowers you to have fun creating again! 


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Life Coaching

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Creative Business Coaching

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Social Media & Branding Coaching

Desert in Dark

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Creative Coaching

Included in all my 1:1 coaching packages

  • Customized digital Ebook workbook so you can access everything we're working on 
  • Weekly assignments that can include journal prompts, worksheets, vision boards.
  • Powerful easy-to-use-templates, online resources and cheat sheets so you don’t waste time
  • Mid-week accountability check-ins 
  • Access to private, client only webinars