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Let me introduce myself

My name is Olivia, and I am a Creative Life Coach, Journal Therapist and Writer (amongst other things)and I work with heart-centred writers, filmmakers, coaches and other consciously creative badass individuals who are ready to manifest their deliciously wild dreams and life story on their own terms.


I believe in treating every person as their wonderfully unique and authentic self, approaching your goals together with a custom action-plan that enables you to embody your journey from deep within. 

What is Script Naked you ask?

It's stripping it right back to it's natural form, simplifying the overwhelm and listening to your intuition. Focusing on making it all feel powerful, positive and exhilarating moving forwards.


It's a journey we embark on together, and a mindset that will last forever. 


My Approach


I believe in creating from a place of alignment. Alignment and what that entails varies from client to client. I support them in finding this place of pleasure, abundance and creativity. 


I don't believe in fitting in with the crowd, that we need to "tick a box" or lessen our truths in order to find success, love or fulfilment. I guide you towards reconnecting with your authentic voice.


Once you've discovered and empowered your authentic voice, you will discover a world of potential, imagination and magic. You have tapped into your full potential and confident in bringing your dreams to reality.


I truly believe we are each capable of realising our wildest ambitions and goals. There is always re-direction in areas where we feel rejected, like a failure or less than. It's about taking control of your journey, and I'm here to guide you. 

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The Creative Alchemist 

Online 6 week Group Coaching Experience

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 Kind Words

 Olivia is amazing, her insight is spot on, and her ideas are fresh and purposeful. She has been integral in shaping my online presence.

When I launched my online writing business, I knew that I needed to seriously up my social media game.


I didn’t know anything about branding or marketing, and have always found social media to be a bit overwhelming.


Finding Olivia was an absolute godsend.


She’s incredibly creative and has a gift for generating out-of-the-box ideas that perfectly aligned with the big vision I had on growing my business.


With her endless support and loving guidance, I was able to build a unified look for all my posts, and a marketing strategy that felt effortless and natural, which I, honestly, didn't think was possible.

 Now I'm putting out content that I enjoy creating, and attracting valued clients as a result. Working with Olivia has been a game changer, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sandy Comstock

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